Course curriculum

  • 1

    Planning Your Business

    • Creating A Service Based Business

    • Why Create a Service Based Business

    • Choosing Your Services

    • Plan Your Business Model

    • Your Tech Stack

    • Pricing Your Services

  • 2

    Creating Your Business

    • Build Your Offer Page

    • Finding Clients

  • 3

    Growing Your Business

    • Scaling and Growing Your Business

    • Closing Survey


“Mark's course Build a Service Business is easy to follow and straight to the point. I went through the course and immediately started implementing it. Based on Mark's approach I built a WordPress maintenance and security business.

Very quickly I got some clients for both one-time jobs and monthly maintenance.

I think building your own service business is one of the easiest ways to apply your skills to earn income online. - Shlomo Skinner”

Shlomo Skinner