Repurpose Your Existing Content & Grow your Buisness

If you could spend an hour or so a week preparing content that would drive traffic to your site for years to come would you?

The thinking behind this course is very simple. Take a short 2 minute snippet of video and use it to create hundreds of posts that will drive customers to your site for years to come.

In the the first part of the training you'll see me take a snippet of video from an existing asset, break it down into the ingredients and then combine them to create different types of content ready to be posted online.

In part 2 you'll see me take the prepared content and create over 100 posts with it. In reality I could have hundreds or thousands of posts from these simple "Snippets" of the next year or so.


Repurposing your content helps keep your branding and content front of mind for your potential audience.

Once posted if you see a piece of content get traction then start running ads to it and grow your reach.

Why use content once when you can use it to AMPLIFY Your message?

Build a Content Engine

Have a never ending supply of content ideas.

In the training i've included a very simple system that takes 5 minutes to set up and will give you a never ending supply of content ideas.

Imagine never have to wonder what you can post. Simply open the "Engine" have a quick scan and then decide which of the hundreds of ideas is best suited to your needs.

Unlimited Content

Turn 1 piece of content into hundreds of posts.

One of the things we show you in the training is how I took one piece of content and got over 100 posts from it.

There really is no limit to how many times you can post these repurposed posts.

The effects of these posts stack over time so you get a constant stream of traffic to your "money" pages.

The only limit is your imagination

The Game Changing Technique No One Is Talking About

Put your business on overdrive.

I have no idea why no one is talking about this technique yet as it is without a doubt a game changer.

Imagine sending a potential customer to an article with massive authority.

Let's say the Washington Post publises and article on why Blue Widgets are the future.

Imagine then being able to show your "Blue Widget"content and offers to the people who read the article on the Washington Post.

Think that might be a warm audience that's primed to buy?

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    The Prep

    • Template Sizes

    • Tools - One Tool To Rule Them All

    • Tools - Distribution

    • Tools- Quoteables (Semi Automated)

    • Our Secret Tool

    • Template Size Examples

    • Vertical vs Square on Instagram + IGTV VS Instagram

  • 3

    The Ingredients

    • Creating Templates

    • Breaking Your Video Down

    • Staying Organised

  • 4

    The Recipes

    • Creating & Distributing Your Assets

  • 5


    • Cross Domain Retargeting - (Possibly Game Changing)

    • Advanced - Generating Sales

    • Repo-advanced-finding content

    • The System Mapped Out

  • 6

    PART 2 - Case Study 100 Posts

    • Case Study Intro

    • Square Video

    • Landscape Video

    • Quoteables , Image Quotes & Square Quotes

    • Vertical Video

5 Minutes To set up 1908 Clicks

Automated "Quotable's" Posted = Clicks

The image above shows the results from one type of post we do, in this case "Quotable's". These are small posts with just a link back to the page we are promoting.

They take about 5 minutes to set up using the assets we create and then it's all automated for the following year.

By stacking this process the results can be amplified for years to come.

Don't Miss Out

Don't miss out on this game changing course.

Monthly Performance Updates

We practice what we preach, our main method of driving Traffic and Sales is via our repurposed content, here is how it's performing month on month

January 2020

Traffic to Site 1 - + 21%

Traffic To site 2 - + 56%

Sales Channel 1 +66%

Sales Channel 2 +31%

Subscribers Channel 1 - +4%

Subscribers Channel 2 +3%

Ad Spend $0


* Repurposing as shown in this course is our prime method of driving traffic. Obviously other factors can come into play that are outside our control such as organic rankings.

** We publish the channels and additional information in The Serious Marketers Only Pro Members Group