A Short Sharp MBA In Marketing

That Won't Leave You Swimming In Debt

This new training takes you through a step by step process of building an effective Affiliate Marketing business from start to finish.

I've designed this training to build your knowledge in Layers, you'll see the theory behind all the actions we take, you'll see why some things work and other don't and then you'll see a live build from start to finish.. warts and all!

You'll see how I build it , and why I take the action I take.

You'll be able to replicate this build time after time.

It doesn't end there, part 3 (Project 212) helps you implement everything you've learned and focus on the key steps to build an online business in 60-75 minutes a day.

This stuff really works!

The images below are all from my my personal affiliate marketing efforts.

Before I focused on this system my income from affiliate promotions was a lot less than it is now.

I was fed up of receiving peanuts for all the effort I put in to my affiliate campaigns, so decided to start over.

Last month just one payment from one company covered all my household expenses for the month.. can you imagine how good that feels?

Below rather than try and sell you the 5K Method I want to focus on showing you results of implementing the 5K method, you can then decide if it's for you or not.

Mixing Some High-Value Products into the Mix Leads to Nice Results!

Using a mix of recurring subscription products and mid to high ticket products gives a good balance.

Spreading your campaigns between products that pay recurring commissions and one time commissions helps you maintaing a steady income without the "Famine or Feast" many Affiliate Marketers experience

Taking a Logical Approach Pays Dividends

Most marketers don't get 5% conversions on their own products let alone affiliate products, 1 or 2% is normal.

The 5K Method allows you to increase conversions significantly.

Build a Consistent Income

The 2 payments in the image arrived a week apart. Building & planning a consistent Affiliate Income allows to you budget and plan.

Once again this shows the power of using both recurring and one time offers.

Scaling to Multiple Products Brings Results

Starting out with one product and focusing on that until it's profitable is your first task.

Once that first product is rocking then it's time to scale by adding other products into the mix

What Will You Learn?

Here is what to expect when you Invest in The 5k Method

The 5K Method will take you from an Idea to having a fully implemented business generating a affiliate income.

Most courses only ever show you the model and expect you to implement everything with no help or support.

Not us!

We are there to guide you every step of the way.

Once completed you will be able to maintain your site and grow your income in a few minutes a day.

Carry on reading to see what's involved

Step One

Finding The Right Offer

The key to a successful online business is planning and finding the right offer. This is what we'll focus on in step one.

Originally the 5K Method just helped affiliates generate Affiliate Commissions.

While this is the still focus for the first part of the training . - "The Model" - everything we teach can be used to generate business for Consultants, Agencies and Course Creators.

Simply send the traffic to your own offers rather than those of others.

Step 2

Let's Build a Site From Scratch

Now that you have your plan documented and your offer in place it's time to build out your project.

As part of the 5K method you'll see me build a site from scratch, you simply need to follow along.

At the end of step 2 you'll have a site ready to generate a regular income for you.

Step 3


Before we move on to driving traffic and generating income we have one more thing to do.

We are going to automate as much as possible.

We'll do this by using a simple email autoresponder sequence. In this stage you'll learn how to create automations, write emails that convert and ensure that you have a strategy for generating subscribers

Step 4

Generate An Income

This is the bit you've all been waiting for, we are going to generate an income. Yes, we will start to drive traffic to our "project".

We'll start to use both paid and free traffic.

No need to fear paid traffic we will start using our $1 a day strategy and aim to generate income from day one.

Step 5

Project 212

Step 5 is what will separate successful marketers from ones that just let their online businesses stagnate.

We are going to tweak, scale and adjust our campaigns until we are generating $212 a day (We explain the reason for this strange figure in Part 3 which we call Project 212.)

Just follow along with each step.

Is The 5k Method For You?

  • Who Is The 5k Method For?

    The 5K Method is for people who want to take action but have maybe been confused or disillusioned by Online Marketing in the past.

    If you are an affiliate, a course creator, a consultant or an agency you can use the 5K Method to generate sales. It's for people not afraid to ask for help when they need it. I am more than happy for you to go into our community and ask members there if we give all the help they need when they ask for it.

    The bottom line is the 5K Method is a simple method of building an Online Income. If you are prepared to take action and follow the steps I lay out then it's for you.

  • Who Is The 5K Method NOT For?

    The 5K Method is NOT for people who will skim the training and decide it's not for them.

    It's not for people who come in with a closed mind and refuse to try anything new.

    It's not for people who can't commit to a project for more than a few weeks, successful businesses take time to build.

    It's most certainly not for people who think anyone Marketing Online is just a scammer trying to steal their money...

    Some of us just love to pass on our knowledge and see people succeed! (But we still have to eat and clothe our families).

This System Works!

If it works for me and it works for others ...it will work for you

Whether you are promoting individual or multiple products using the 5K method will bring you results and allow you to scale your business over time.

You've seen some of the result already, below you'll see what our customers say.

Here Is What Our Customers Say

“I've had the pleasure of going through the free version of Mark's 5K Affiliate Marketing Course.

Coming from Mark, I knew it would be good. My primary concern was about ME, as in "Can I make this work for me?".

Here's what I found: I definitely can. The way Mark has laid it out, the course is both easy and fun to do.

If I am to pick a favourite feature, it will be the method for finding and selecting products to promote. It's very logical and ethical.

The format is a hybrid, with both written content and videos. Again, it's something I really like and I think it gives you a higher learning effect than a single format throughout. In other words, you get a better return on your time investment.

What about promoting your website and offers?

The course covers some incredibly simple ways of getting traffic and building a list, both (inexpensive) paid and non-paid. It's some of the most doable, easy-to-grasp advice I've ever seen, even in paid products.

The 5K Affiliate Marketing Course is indeed complete. Simply follow the steps and you'll be building a business.

The premium version goes deeper into all of this. I can't wait to see it. More fun!”

Hans Brakke

“In my experience as a freelance business architect/analyst, the best solutions are normally elegantly simple, with very few moving parts to go wrong.

Mark's 5K Affiliate Marketing System definitely falls into this category. It is explained in an equally simple and concise manner that just about anyone (even an absolute beginner) will be able to follow - and more importantly, implement and refine.”

Gary Booth

“In a world of bloated products and claims, Mark Thompson’s Affiliate Course is the lean mean money machine. Fat-free and highly nutritious. There’s not a single ounce of crud in this baby.

What I most loved is how Mark eliminated all the decision-making points that usually will keep beginners (and even advanced marketers) stuck. Want an example? Beginners often have a lot of trouble choosing which products to promote. Mark shows you how to make that decision in less than 10 seconds with a single, laser-focused criterion.

All of this bathed in an a fun, guru-free atmosphere.

I’ve made more money online since starting to follow Mark. If you’re thinking about it, jump in!”

Martin Messier

“I was fortunate enough to qualify for a launch deal on 5K Affiliate Marketing.

I've bought a good number of Affiliate Marketing courses, over the years, which are all gathering dust on the shelf. Mainly due to unnecessary complication in some areas and the lack of depth in other areas.

The beauty of 5K Affiliate Marketing is the simplicity of the model it's based on.

The course, which comes close to a blueprint, is the best laid out and structured that I have come across.

Through clever use of a combination of text, graphics and over-the-shoulder video, the course covers every aspect of Affiliate Marketing in great detail.

If this one ends up on the shelf, I will only have myself to blame!”

Henry Kunz

“Mark has the amazing ability to cut to the heart of marketing matters. His deep experience over many years provides a unique and uncommon perspective that is valuable in separating the wheat from the marketing chaff. This translates into effectiveness and efficiency in so many ways.

The is very much the case in his affiliate marketing course, Step by step instruction is provided that covers all the bases needed to produce the desired result of affiliate sales and commissions.

Well done, as usual, Mark”

T Hansen

Not One But Three Guarantees

Who wants 1 guarantee when you can have 3?

#1 Money Back Guarantee

If you don't think that The 5K Method is for you or that it's not a game changer then simply ask for your money back within 30 days and we'll refund you immediately.

#2 Above & Beyond Support Guarantee

There is nothing worse than watching training videos and not being able to implement because something wasn't clear enough.

If you ever have any questions you can jump into our membership community, log a call or even jump on a live call with me and I'll explain everything or help you to fix any problems you have

#3 Fresh As The Morning Dew Guarantee

Regular Updates

The 5K Method is regularly updated to reflect the ever-changing marketing landscape.

In addition, the course content regularly reviewed and if anything needs to be updated it is done there and then.

You are guaranteed to always have access to the most recent version.

This Is What Kevin Achieved

Kevin Applied what we teach In The 5K Method

This is not my first testimonial for one of Mark’s products, but once again it’s fully deserved.

I have been generating profits with affiliate products for a number of years quite successfully, although I until this point would not have described myself as an affiliate marketer.

I have always promoted products which I was familiar with and fitted in with my usual themes and topics which I delivered to my email subscribers.

Then one day in the SMO foundation where I am one of the (learning difficulties) students, or so Mark tells me. He announced he had produced a new affiliate marketing course which he called the $5k method.

Now Mark’s material and courses are always excellent and usually generously booby-trapped with a healthy peppering of lucrative surprises. For that reason, I made the effort to learn it, and am delighted I did so.

This was what he would call a first version draft edition and since then it has been updated SO MUCH that it now offers at least 500% additional value.

I found once started, even this first edition was difficult to put down and I went through the course twice making notes.

WOW! It was certainly an upgrade to what I was doing.

Mark presented a method of successfully promoting almost ANY affiliate program without the use of an email list, and at a cost, I could afford which was just $1 a day to test if I had a winner.

This is method simplicity in action:

I soon found a new affiliate product I wanted to promote and a few hours later, even though I knew nothing about this topic. I had a page ready for visitors.

I then created a short and simple 20-second video and switched the traffic to my new page on. (BTW, this is fun and easy!)

I had completed the whole build process in just a couple of hours.

My first video immediately started to get views for 0.01c each which was really impressive.

I have never got traffic that cheap before!

However, my first video only drove a couple of people to my landing page, although it did quickly grow my retargeting list.

3 days later, I created a second MUCH BETTER video which drove 9% of viewers to my landing page and one actually purchased.

I had spent $5 and created a $34 net profit!

That’s $6.80 profit for every marketing $1 spent straight out of the gate.

This all happened quite recently and since then I have constantly refined the process and scaled it up also. That $6.80 has now grown to $10.30 and is still improving by the day.

Later video’s I created have driven as high as 23% of viewers to my landing page even before my retargeting kicks in.

I now have 3 campaigns running and apart from a little optimization, they are being operated on autopilot.

There is now rarely a day that I don’t make at least ONE sale, and sometime I’ll make 4 or 5.

I also use EXACTLY the same process to sell one of my own services with HUGE success.

The potential the $5k method offers anyone including complete beginners is nothing short of PHENOMENAL, and a very real formula for quickly growing a $5k a month income stream, or even MUCH MORE.

I couldn’t recommend Sargent Major Mark’s $5k method more highly.

You’re a fool if you don’t SERIOUSLY consider investing into this product.

P.S. I have also more than quadrupled my email profits using his small lists big profits method.

Kevin Nairne – affiliate marketer and $5k Method graduate

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1 - Introduction and Overview

    • Introduction

    • What Is The 5K Method

  • 2

    Your Website (Foundation)

    • Mission Control

    • Content

    • Hosting, Themes & Plugins

  • 3

    Tracking and Conversions (Foundation)

    • Tracking & Conversions

  • 4

    Affiliate Marketing (Keystone 1)

    • Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

    • What To Promote

    • Internet Marketing vs Non Internet Marketing Products

    • Where To Find Products To Promote

  • 5

    Organic Traffic (Keystone 2)

    • Basics of SEO

  • 6

    Social Traffic (Keystone 2)

    • Social Media Traffic

    • Creating Images

  • 7

    Paid Traffic (Keystone 2)

    • Facebook Ads System

    • Google Ads

    • Paid Traffic

  • 8

    Email Marketing (Keystone 3)

    • Why Email Marketing

    • How To get Subscribers

    • The Trifecta - Onboarding , Sequences and Broadcasts

    • How To Construct an Email

    • 5 Types Of Email

    • What To Write About

  • 9

    Scaling Your Business (Foundation)

    • Scaling

    • Part 1 Completion Survey

  • 10

    Part 2 - The Build

    • Day 1 Planning

    • Day 2 - Setting up your Domain

    • Day 3 - Themes & Plugins

    • Day 3 - Ordering Content

    • Day 4 - Content Upgrades

    • Day 5 - Creating a List and optin Forms

    • Day 6 - Putting it All Together

    • Day 7 - The Fun Begins

  • 11

    Part 3 - Project 212

    • Overview

    • Access the Private Members Group

    • Preparation

    • Funnel mapping - Task

    • Workshop 1 - Replay

    • Workshop 2 - Replay

    • Workshop 3 Replay

    • Site Analysis - FiveFunnel.com

    • Upcoming promotion - My Thoughts

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