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Ryan van Buuren

I love how Mark keeps things simple. Straight to the point and easy to implement.

I love how Mark keeps things simple. Straight to the point and easy to implement.

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Video 1

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is by far the best way to earn money online. In this video we look at why you should choose Affiliate Marketing above any other method.

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What To Promote

How to choose the right products to promote and find a regular supply of buyers for those products. Follow this training and you'll never wonder what you should be promoting again.

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The 5K System

In this Video you'll discover how to create a steady stream of buyers for the products you promote. We'll look at the various ways you can ensure your business grows day after day.

What Our Customers Say

“In my experience as a freelance business architect/analyst, the best solutions are normally elegantly simple, with very few moving parts to go wrong. Mark's 5K Affiliate Marketing System definitely falls into this category. It is explained in an equally simple and concise manner that just about anyone (even an absolute beginner) will be able to follow - and more importantly, implement and refine.”

Gary Booth

“In a world of bloated products and claims, Mark Thompson’s Affiliate Course is the lean mean money machine. Fat-free and highly nutritious. There’s not a single ounce of crud in this baby. What I most loved is how Mark eliminated all the decision-making points that usually will keep beginners (and even advanced marketers) stuck. Want an example? Beginners often have a lot of trouble choosing which products to promote. Mark shows you how to make that decision in less than 10 seconds with a single, laser-focused criterion.”

Martin Messier


Course curriculum

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    The 5K Method Primer

    • Why Affiliate Marketing?

    • What To Promote?

    • The 5k System